GDPR Compliance Statement

New General Data Protection Regulations are being put in place from May 25, 2018. With this in mind, here are the ways in which Boxies plans to comply with these new laws.

By: Sarah 23rd May 2018

The Boxies GDPR Statement

  • We may hold your name and email address in our database if you sign up for our mailing list.
  • We hold this data to send you relevant special offers and promotions in the store and cafe. We may also send you information about events we plan to run.
  • We retain this data as long as you allow us to. If you unsubscribe from our mailing list, we will stop sending you information regarding Boxies.
  • We hold data electronically and on paper.
  • We normally destroy files after six years.
  • Our computer hard drives are destroyed before disposal.
  • We do not allow any third party access to our data, however, our IT support (outsourced) may work on software programmes that hold that data such as our databases.
  • We store data via third-party servers and we use applications including Dropbox, Microsoft and Google products.
  • Data held on third-party servers is highly protected by security features including firewalls, regular scans against malware and measures to prevent SQL injection.
  • Data may be located ‘in the Cloud’ and if so we rely on the software provider’s security features and all access if password protected.
  • When software is installed on our local machines all software is password protected.
  • We prohibit the use of memory sticks to hold client data.
  • We may use third-party contractors in our business and they are required to sign a ‘Fit and proper’ declaration which includes a declaration that they will not remove data or pass on data to other parties.
  • We maintain a database that contains the details of users of our website. The details that we retain are as input by you when you registered with our website. We retain this information as required to contact you.
  • Our website allows us to track user data for our own analytical purposes. We track users by name (when logged in), by IP address, according to which device you are using (whether you are logged in or not) and by device location.
  • We do not sell our website data or allow any third party access to our data or our database of users.
  • Our website data is hosted on third party servers which are protected by firewalls, encryption, and access to our servers is protected by password protection applications.
  • Our hosting offers technical support and support technicians and our web developers may require access to the full back-end of our website. We place reliance on their own security measures when they access our data.

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