Welcome to your New Village Store in Boxgrove Chichester!

Find out more here about how Boxies came to be created in Boxgrove, Chichester. Learn about our refurbishment, our team members, and the plans that we have to make Boxies your one-stop village shop and cafe.

By: Sarah 28th November 2017

Welcome to your New Village Store in Boxgrove, Chichester!

After years of hard work, Lesley and Malcolm decided that it was time to put up their feet and move on from their beloved village store. With it came Boxies, a bright, vibrant shop and cafe in Boxgrove, Chichester. Boxies was bought by Jane, a local who’s mum has been living in the village for the best part of 40 years now.

Boxgrove village stores in Boxgrove, Chichester

The Story Behind Boxies

Keen for a new adventure, Jane decided that if she was going to take on this project, she was going to do it properly, hence the huge refurb you’ve all witnessed. Boxies was created with the aim of providing a bright, lively, and fun space for everyone in the village to come and buy their daily staples while also giving them the option to enjoy a bite to eat, a nice cup of tea, and freshly brewed coffee.

Since the day the shop was bought, friends and family all joined in and got their hands dirty with one common goal in mind: make Boxies the perfect place for everyone in Boxgrove, Chichester. Today, we’ve been open little over two weeks and we want to tell you about all the changes we’ve made while also introducing some new activities and events we’ve got in mind.

Friends helping in Boxgrove, Chichester

Family helping in Boxgrove, Chichester

Refurb in Boxgrove, Chichester

Boxgrove, Chichester refurb

The Refurb of a Lifetime

So, let’s start with the refurb! The shop was getting a little run down so we got our lovely builders in to change the floors, put a new ceiling in, create a magazine stand, add some daylight lighting, and of course, let’s not forget about the bright orange bathroom and lovely new kitchen.

A quick trip to Ikea later and we’ve got some great yellow and orange features, new seating areas, colorful countertops and cabinets, and lovely new shelving units- and that’s not to mention our favorite spider lighting! Aside from the decor, we’ve got some great suppliers, the majority of which are local and were already used by Malcolm and Lesley.

Photo Credits: Liz Barber Photography

Supporting Local Businesses

From our lovely new egg man in Petworth to our well-known cheese supplier, and even Bramley foods for all our sweeties, cakes, and various other baked goods, we’ve got some seriously lovely produce in the store. But, it’s not just the produce that makes Boxies what it is. We’ve made a conscious effort to work with only local people who want to work in Boxgrove, Chichester.

Village store in Boxgrove, Chichester

Thank You to Our Lovely Team

Our lovely team is made up of some great gals and guys who are proactive, friendly, and always happy to help. In fact, it’s pretty clear now that they are the ones that run the show. From setting everything up to serving teas, coffees, cakes, and food, and even sitting down for a nice natter with you, they’re always on hand, and they seem to be loving it!

Boxies team members in Boxgrove, Chichester

More Boxies in Boxgrove, Chichester

The Boxies website has been launched to get everyone involved. Aside from the usual blog and newsletter, we want to share information about events and activities that we’d like to run. But, more importantly, we want to hear about all your fantastic ideas. We want you to tell us what you want to see more of so that we can make it happen.

So, without further ado, welcome to Boxies, you new village shop and cafe in Boxgrove, Chichester. A place for you to bring all your family and friends seven days a week, 365 days (or nearly) a year. Share us, like us, and get involved, because, without you, Boxies isn’t a fraction of what it could be!

With all the excitement and joy in the world, we welcome you to our new adventure in Boxgrove, Chichester.

Thank you and see you again soon.

The Boxies Team


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